FAQ - Frequently asked questions


About Silk & Salt


1. What is Silk & Salt?

Silk & Salt is a platform for people that are delighted by stories and inspirations about fashion, beauty, food, travelling, interior design and lifestyle. No matter what you are looking for pretty nail art, delicious recipes or the newest trends - on Silk & Salt you can find it. This way you'll discover great new blogs every day. You can also easily follow them and all of your favorite blogs with the personal feed reader.


2. Is Silk & Salt free?

Yes, Silk & Salt is and will be totally free for every user. There is no hidden catch.


3. What can I find under the section  "Feed"?

In the "Feed" section you'll find your personal feed reader. Here you'll never miss a new post from your favorite bloggers again. Just follow them and you can easily access all the best stories you want to discover. You can follow every blog around the world even those that are not yet registered on Silk & Salt!

4. What are the hearts all about ?

Hearts can be given by any user to posts that he or she enjoyed the most. The more hearts a post collects the more popular it has been voted by the community. Posts you tag with a heart are also saved as your favorites so you can easily find them again.


5. Can I also follow blogs that aren't using Silk & Salt themselves yet?

Yes, you can search for additional blogs in your feed. Just type the blog's URL into the search "Find your favorite blogs" and then follow them.


6. You don't have any advertising and everything is free... How do you earn money after all?

That's a totally reasonable question. We offer Silk & Salt for free and without any advertising to deliver the best possible user experience to you and bloggers from around the world. We earn money by helping companys get in contact with influential bloggers and work with them. Silk & Salt is a matter of the heart for us and we don't plan to monetize the site soon. There might come a time though where we have to include some advertising to cover increasing server and supporting costs.


7. Do you sell or give away any of my information?

No! We don't sell or give away any of your information or the information about how you or anybody uses Silk & Salt. As a german company we have to act in obedience to strict privacy protection laws.


Your profile on Silk & Salt


8. I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail. What can I do?

Normally you will receive your confirmation e-mail within a few minutes after registering your account. You should also check your spam folder since sometimes e-mails accidently land there. If you don't receive an e-mail within 2 hours after registering your account you will have to send us an e-mail to manually activate your account: support@silk-salt.com


9. I've forgotten my password. What can I do?

Please use the button "Lost password" in the login window. There you can enter your account's e-mail address. Subsequently you will receive an e-mail with a link that helps you setting up a new password.


10. Whom am I supposed to contact about technical issues and other questions?

Please send an e-mail to support@silk-salt.com.


11. I want to delete my account. How can I do that?

You can delete your account in the settings section after you have logged in. Please keep in mind that deleting an account is permanent and can not be reversed!



Silk & Salt for bloggers


12. What are the advantages Silk & Salt offers me as a blogger?

On Silk & Salt you can easily upload your blogposts and this way attract new readers. Furthermore we offer your readers a way to easily follow your blog with our feed reader. This way you can make sure you dont lose readers that basically like your site but might forget about it.

In the "Feed" section you can also easily access all your social media statistics. These numbers are only visible to you and noone else!


13. How can I connect my blog to my Silk & Salt account?

First of all you have to create a regular account on Silk & Salt. Afterwards you'll find a "Connect blog" button at the top right of the site. After clicking on that button you'll find further information about how to connect your blog.


14. I need some help with verifying my blog!

PIf you need help you'll just have to send us an email and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible: support@silk-salt.com


15. Why can't I choose from all the pictures I used in my blog post?

The minimum size for pictures you can use to publish a blogpost on Silk & Salt is 350 x 350 pixel.


16. How can I delete posts that I already published?

At the moment there is no feature for you to delete postings yourself but we're working on it. You can always write us an e-mail when you want certain posts to be deleted: support@silk-salt.com


17. How do you determine which posts are displayed in the first positions when I sort them by popular?

The number of hearts a post received determines which posts are popular. The value of a given heart declines over time. That means new hearts are more impactful on the ranking than old ones. This way every new post gets a fair chance to climb to the highest ranking. A small hint: If a new post collects a lot of hearts really fast after being published he will get a higher ranking much faster. Therefore you should choose the time to publish it wisely and also ask your followers to give you some hearts early on.